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Help Protect the Kennebec River:

DMR hearing regarding dam removal on Monday, March 15th by Mali Obomsawin with Sunlight Media Collective

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Penobscots Speak on Historic River Case Review by Court of Appeals:

Chief Kirk Francis; Maria Girouard, Penobscot Historian; Sherri Mitchell, Indigenous Rights Attorney

Juniper Ridge Landfill Megadump

Over 200,000 tons of out-of-state waste is disposed of at the Juniper Ridge Landfill megadump every year, a publicly owned, privately run landfill in Maine.

Mini-Lectures on How Disparate State Policies Invite Out of State Waste into Maine and How Landfill Leachate Threatens Health and Environment on the Penobscot River

Restoration of Land Stewardship

A significant return of land stewardship to the Penobscot Nation celebrates their history and cultural resilience and serves to inspire similar land stewardship returns during and beyond this important moment of historical reckoning.

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