Penobscot: A Fight for Ancestral Waters 

We are excited to finally release our new film, Penobscot: A Fight for Ancestral Waters.
This short film highlights the alarming territorial removal attempt faced today by the Penobscot Indian Nation. In December of 2015, a U.S. District Court Judge decided on the highly controversial and historic case, Penobscot Nation v Janet Mills, Attorney General for the State of Maine. The Judge ruled in favor of the State of Maine’s opinion that the water of the Penobscot River, which flows through Penobscot Nation Tribal territory surrounding their reservation’s 200 islands, is NOT part of the Penobscot Nation. This directly contradicts previous treaty agreements, and threatens the Tribe’s deep ancestral and cultural ties to the river. Today, the Penobscot Nation and their allies continue this legal fight for the centuries-long Tribal stewardship of the River.